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PIKT aims to becoming one of the world’s largest leading speacialist professional online teaching provider with young and motivated professionals.
PIKT stands to a bridging point to both countries Japan and the Philippines.

The phillipines is the the 3rd largest group of people with exceptional English language skill which makes it globally competitive to other nations.
Japan is the country in need of developing English-based Japanese professionals to interact with other part of world to stay competitive as world 2nd biggest economic nation.
With this, PIKT Corporation aims to support the country in reducing unemployment by providing opportunity through teaching English Online to Japanese citizen. PIKT names this as an "Intellectual Fair Trade". For more, Please visit CSR page.

This company advocacy can only be made possible with the continuous cooperation of our dedicated tutors in the Philippines. So let’s all continue to build a better world.

When you become a tutor, you can expect the followings from PIKT.
You do a job to apply your English ability.
A new set of skills you gain.
We are flexible, so you can do your job from your home at your free time.

Unlike other online English provider PIKT has very sophisticated services that we call "Students objectives and level based curriculums"
Our curriculums are divided into followings

1.  Global English course
2.  Business course
3.  TOEIC course
4.  TOEFL/overseas study
5.  Beginner course
6.  Intermediate course
7.  Travel course
8.  Free conversation course
9.  2000 vocabularies course
10. Kids course

So we dont provide a free conversational style service that most of the online English providers do.
So our clients can easily focus on their respective needs so to choose tutors in their level base not to mention that relieves our tutors from misunderstanding of students need-a FOCUS based job.

In order to build up a better career,
PIKT aims to provide career development training (Grow your competency training) in a timely manner.
PIKT aims to provide also business manner training for University graduates to cope up with business practice.

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