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※ しっかり学んでいただくために、1レッスンを2コマ(50分)で受講いただくのがオススメです。

※ 効果的に学んでいただくために、1つのサイクル(7レッスン)は、同じ講師で受講いただくのがオススメです。


すぐにTOEICのレッスンを始めたい方で、TOEIC 300点〜450点の方には、このレッスンをおすすめいたします。



___________ am leaving tomorrow to go to Europe to attend our training.

  a. They

  b. I

  c. He

  d. It

I ___________ you at the company seminar last month.

  a. saw

  b. see

  c. seen

  d. seeing

I __________ to the staff about the supplies that we need for the training day.

  a. tell

  b. said

  c. spoke

  d. explain

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TOEIC 450点〜600点の方におすすめのレッスンです。



She got a job offer from one of the top companies in Japan.

  a. job refusal

  b. job taking

  c. job contract

  d. job fair

The agency conducted tests to know the suitable job placement for the applicant.

  a. arrangement

  b. position

  c. disagreement

  d. developing

The HR staff gave him enough time to fill out the applicant’s profile.

  a. requirements

  b. information

  c. record

  d. account